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Partner with us and Win !!

At Pinestraw Digital we believe that parnering for success is the best way to expand our business and deliver awesome customer experience. We strongly believe in Local-Global, i.e. you need an extensive Local presence combined with Global precense to deliver the best support and relevancy to remain competitive. Pinestraw Digital offers our partners extentive training, marketing support and ample compensation to keep them motivated and profitable. We believe in Win-Win !!

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in partnering with us. Provide an elevator pitch of your current business in the comments or questions section for us to be able to understand you a bit more before we contact you. Help us "Digitalize the Corner Store". Please allow us 24 hours to respond to your enquiry.

You can also access our Customer and Partner Portal here to connect to our knowledgebase and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

PineStraw Digital is a Multi National Corporation based out of Toronto, Canada with offices in Pune, India and representation in Africa. We strongly believe that the best way to achieve success in any market is to partner locally and invest locally to build win-win relationships and business. We offer some of the best sustainable comission, accelerators and long term incentives structure in the business ensuring that our partners succeed. We also offer some of the best training and tools to ensure your success in the market.

ApneDukaan went through an extensive test and realtime implementation friendly user testing process (FUT) across multiple customers in multiple continents before it was made available to all customers. The product went through a rigourous 12 months QA and testing regime with over US $600,000 worth of live transactions at an average of $35 per transaction driven through the delivery and payment process. Furthermore it is being tested on a regular basis by our customers and partners who provide critical feedback that is constantly improving the product experience.

Besides the best commission and incentive structure in the business we also provide some of the most intensive and extensive training skills for Digital success. Our partners go through a certification program on our products as well as receive a well rounded training program to make you some of the sharpest digital sales people in the industry.

At Pinestraw - ApneDukaan we offer full consulting and implementation services for our products to ensure that the customer can derive FULL VALUE of the proposition. Having said that, we built ApneDukaan's User Interface to be extremely intuitive and self explanatory to ensure even a non-technical less techsavvy person can configure and implement it for their store. In addition, PineStraw Digital also offers boutique consulting and project execution services to Retailers, Telecom providers and ISP's in domains such as Online Commerce, Customer Experience, Digital Product Engineering, Experience Centers, Cloud Practice and Advanced Tech covering AI, RPA and Blockchain.

-- Partners --

We have a tiered partner program that develops our partners to become our services and implementation partners on successful certification. As a implementation partner you can earn significant services revenues incrementally and grow your business.

Once you bring in the first 3 subscriptions from your customer they are tied to your account until they leave us. Even if you lose the customer and another partner acquires the customer you continue to receive a 3% acquisition commission as long as the customer pays his subscription for a period of 12 months after you lose them.

All One Time Revenue and Monthly Recurring commissions are paid 30 days after receiving the subscriptions in PineStraw - ApneDukaan's account. Commissions are paid directly into the partners's business account on the 1st week of every new month post the 30 days after receiving customer subscription payments.

All partner agreements are signed for 1 Year with Quarterly review of performance and targets. Accelators and incentives are shared prior to the beginning of each quarter on the last week of the succeeding quarter.