Know Your Customer, Grow Your Business

Level the Playing Field Against Big Online Retailers

As a corner retail store you have been building your business with a high touch model, knowing your customer face to face, building relationships painstakingly. Come the big online retailers with their vast discounts and online ecommerce models and suddenly your business is slowed and your margins thinning. The ongoing pandemic has introduced new challenges to the face to face model making business sustainability challenging. As a corner store / small retailer how do you stay relavant and grow in the new Digital Era?

Introducing "ApneDukaan" your online mobile commerce store delivered with Your Brand, Your Way !! A Simple, Affordable, Scalable and Secure platform that epitomises your Brand and your way of doing business but through Digital channels (Mobile and Web). The platforms delivers Your Branded Mobile App with an integrated payment gateway, POS Software, Logistics Delivery Tracking Module and AI based Analytics that gives you insights into your customer you have never had before. All for a Single Low Subscription Price Per Month !!

Delivering Incremental Growth and Customer Value !!

ApneDukaan Core Modules

  • Snap-Insights - Your Business Progress in a Snap with Key KPI's
  • Dashboards - Your Customer Analytics and Behavior Presented Graphically
  • Customer Management - Your Customers Contacts, Orders and Data
  • Loyalty and Engagement - Define and Manage your Customer Loyalty Program
  • Appointments - Schedule your Customers and Staffing/Affiliate Resources
  • Order Management - Manage your online, instore and telephonic orders
  • Messaging - Engage customers and digitally market your products and services
  • Products - Manage your products, mcommerce store and inventory
  • Promotions - Deliver and Manage special promotions and campaigns

  • Hybrid Point of Sale Platform

  • On-line POS application system accessible in the cloud.
  • Off-line POS hardware appliance deployed in-store (optional plan).
  • All-in-One Desktop Computer with pre-installed POS Application System
  • Optional Battery Backup Power Supply (up to 16-hours battery life)
  • Optional POS Scanner
  • Optional POS Thermal Printer
  • Optional POS Payment System
  • Automated data sync with On-line POS system
  • Multi Store Branch support.
  • Custom Integration with 3rd Party POS systems.
  • Data Connector for importing Order data from CSV and MS Excel files.

  • Product & Inventory Management

  • Define Product Types, Departments, Categories & Features
  • Export and Import Complete Product Catalogue to CSV and Excel Files
  • Manage Product Inventory for Offline and Online Sales/li>
  • Manage Stock by Individual Store or Branch, Multi Store-Multi Branch
  • Products Tax (VAT/GST) Management
  • Product Cost Management for Profitability Reporting
  • Stock Transfers and Retirement/Writeoffs
  • Product Discounting and Restrictions Management
  • Product Bundling and Offering Definition
  • Product Image Library Management
  • Assign Multiple Images to Products

  • Customer Insights & Analytics

  • What types of customers are buying what, and when?
  • What types of customers are spending above and below the average?
  • What types of customers are shopping regularly in my stores?
  • What percentage of my customers were dormant 1-6months?
  • What types of customers are buying our best selling products?
  • How does a particular customer transact with my store?
  • Where are my new customers coming from?
  • Which types of customers am I signing up?
  • Which types of requests are my customers making most in my stores?
  • What types of customers are making those requests?
  • What is my year over year monthly sales trend?
  • What is my year over year monthly gross margin trend?
  • Which products are typically bought together?
  • What products are contributing most to my sales?
  • What products are least contributors?

  • Customer Loyalty & Promotions

  • Support for both Loyalty Points and Membership Discount loyalty schemes.
  • Create Multiple Layers/Levels of Loyalty Schemes.
  • Applies to businesses issuing physical loyalty cards.
  • Applies to businesses with no physical loyalty cards as well.
  • Pre-integrated with the ApneDukaan POS system.
  • Custom Integration with 3rd Party POS systems.
  • Register and manage loyal customer contact and other info.
  • Customer request and feedback management.
  • Loyalty Management Systems & Promotions.
  • Custom Integration with 3rd Party Loyalty Management systems.
  • Data Connector for importing Customer data from CSV and MS Excel files.

  • Digital Customer Engagement

  • Contextual Smart Messaging Solution.
  • 2-Way Smart Messaging with micro-targeting capabilities
  • Maximize the effectiveness of sales promotions.
  • Smart Messages are initiated from insights analyzed.
  • Multi-channel message campaign platform (eMail, Voice, Social Media).
  • Support for Campaign Groups.
  • Enabling message to be delivered via customer preferred channel.
  • Message subscription opt-out support.
  • Control Smart Message delivery frequency and times.
  • Track message enrollment and delivery statistics.
  • Track download delivery lists to Microsoft Excel.
  • Pre-integrated with ApneDukaan analytics engine.
  • Pre-integrated with 3rd Party Messaging services.

  • Logistics & Delivery Management

  • Support for multiple delivery logistics provider partners.
  • Option for merchants to act as their own delivery provider.
  • Support for address zone-based/non-address zone pricing.
  • Pre-integrated Android based delivery app.
  • App for Delivery agents in the back-office to access delivery orders.
  • Access for Drivers, riders, etc. assignments, tracking & delivery processing.
  • Support for maps and route directions in delivery apps.
  • Automated delivery agent assignment scheduling and recommendations.

  • Data Privacy & Platform Security

  • Strong End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Hosted in Highly Secure Tier-4 Datacenters
  • Redundant Setup for Disaster Recovery Scenario
  • Data Obfuscation and Encryption
  • No sharing of Customer Information - EULA
  • Merchant Data is Compartmentalized & Firewalled
  • Multi-Factor Authentication through OTP & Email
  • No Credit Card / Financial Instruments Stored

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    The core value of the ApneDukaan solution is in the capabilities it offers in driving repeat sales from your existing customers using actionable insights from customer transactions and engagements with your company. The ApneDukaan system provides bulk data import capabilities for bringing in data from your existing POS software. The imported data is then used by the system to derive the insights you need to drive customers back to your stores. For completeness, the ApneDukaan solution provides free, optional cloud-enabled sales operations support tools (POS, Customer Loyalty, Promo, and Product Management) to those businesses that do not already have such tools, or are simply not happy with their current tools. These tools are tightly integrated into the ApneDukaan system platform and provides capabilities for capturing the data required for deriving actionable insights. It also provides the enabling platform for rewarding and enticing customers to keep coming back to the stores. You may download the Products, Customers, and Order import file templates for use in collecting the data from your preferred POS software for bulk import into the ApneDukaan system.

    In the unfortunate event that you choose to cancel your subscription, you may simply download all the data (Customer, Products, Orders, etc.) to a format that can be accessed via Microsoft Excel. You would then use the application Account Summary option to cancel your account. Your company database will be completely deleted after 8-weeks of cancelling your subscription, unless ApneDukaan is specifically requested to delete it immediately after your account cancellation. Your account will be able to access the system in read-only mode until your company database is deleted.

    No others will not be able to access you data, your data is secure with us. The system platform is hosted in a highly secure and highly available facility with multi-layered firewall protection to prevent intrusion. The platform maintains a separate, exclusive database for each of our customers so your business has its own dedicated database that is NOT SHARED with other businesses. Your database is backed up daily and can be restored in the unlikely event that is needed. Access to the data in your database is controlled by user login accounts that are created and maintained by your system administrator and all transactions are performed via industry standard Secured Socket Layer (SSL) or HTTPS connections.

    Yes. Discounts are applicable if you decide to pre-pay your subscriptions for a full year. Please contact for details.

    We offer Add-On SMS, Email and Voice Message Packs that you can procure whenever needed. The Add-on Message Packs can be procured from the Account Summary page which is accessible from system Settings menu. Note that you will need to have admin access rights to procure Add-on Message Packs. The amount procured will be added to your invoice and billed on your next billing date. Please contact if you need any assistance in procuring additional Message Packs.

    Simply download the Product list from the ApneDukaan system using the Download button at the top-right corner of the Products page to a CSV file format. Once downloaded and saved, open the file in a Microsoft Excel and update the values in the Quantity On Hand column. Save the file and bulk import it into the system using the same steps you applied in bulk loading the initial Product list into the system. The system will automatically update the Quantity On Hand values in your Product Inventory database with the new values contained in the file. Review the Getting Started video from the application help page for additional details or contact to find out more about how Hekimax can assist you in performing your Product Inventory reconciliation.

    Yes. Customer Orders between any two dates or any particular date may be listed and downloaded to Microsoft Excel from the Orders page.

    Parked Orders are Customer Orders that are in progress but have not yet been paid for. The ability to Park an Order allows the user to deal with situations where a customer forgets something they needed while at the check-out counter and their Order is being processed then decides to go get it. In this case the Order can be Parked, so the next customer can be serviced and once that customer returns from picking up the item they forgot, the Parked Order can be retrieved and continued from where it was left off. This feature is also useful in a restaurant setting, where diners order their meals but do not pay until they are done eating. In this case as well, the user will take the diner's meal order, Park the Order, then retrieve the Order later to process payments once the diner is done with their meal. Note that the Parked Order may be retrieved, updated and re-Parked as many times as required during the course of the diner's time at the restaurant. Parked Orders between any two dates can be retrieved using the new Retrieve Parked Order button on the Order form.

    The charts displayed on the dashboards have additional details that may be gleaned to better understand the factors contributing towards the trends in the chart. To access the detailed breakdown, click on the area of the chart you are interested in (for example the sales revenue summary for a particular month). Review the "Snap Insights & Smart Messaging Overview" video from the application help page for additional details or contact to find out more about how ApneDukaan can assist you in analysing your customer and other relevant insights to support your decision making process.

    -- Features --

    No problem. ApneDukaan offers an hybrid (off-line/on-line) POS hardware appliance that you can deploy and use locally in your stores. The appliance is an all-in-one computer with an optional Inverter (backup power supply), POS Scanner, Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer. When provided with internet connection, the POS data captured in offline mode (using the appliance) can be uploaded and synced periodically with the ApneDukaan cloud system. This provides the store managers and owners ready access to all sales data as well as the customer insights in the cloud without resulting in excessive internet connectivity costs. Please contact to enquire about how to buy the off-line POS appliance. Local recommended hardware can also be purchased by the merchant.

    Yes. The ApneDukaan system provides full multi-store branch/outlet capabilities, both from a sales operations support perspective as well as customer transaction analytics and smart engagement perspective.

    We offer a comprehensive set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) with the ApneDukaan solution. ApneDukaan (or your selected IT system integrators) can integrate your POS software with the ApneDukaan Customer Loyalty Management solution. The objective for the system integration is simple. It will enable you will be able to issue Loyalty Points or Discounts to your loyalty customers directly from your preferred POS software, whenever they buy from your store. If you opt to use the Points Loyalty Scheme, you will also be able to allow those customers who have accumulated enough Points to redeem those Points for their purchases. Please contact to enquire about how we can help you take advantage of our Customer Loyalty Management solution to drive repeat sales.

    The ApneDukaan Professional Services team provides expertise to help you in the following areas:

  • Assess your business needs and guide your management team in deciding the best Loyalty Scheme to implement.
  • Assist your management team in performing the critical analysis (based on the customer insights) to support the management decision making process. For example, we can help your management team decide which promos and engagement areas to focus on in any particular month to drive additional sales and meet revenue targets.
  • Establish the relevant customer and product category lists.
  • Consolidate, scrub, and bulk import your existing product, customer and order lists into the ApneDukaan system.
  • Smart Message campaign management.

  • Professional Services Hours can be procured as an Add-on from the Account Summary page under the Settings menu in the ApneDukaan system. You will need to have admin access rights to procure Add-on Professional Services hours. The amount procured will be added to your invoice and billed on your next billing date. Please contact if you need any help in procuring Professional Services Add-ons.

    An email is sent to you after your company's account has been activated. The email contains the link to access the ApneDukaan system and your branded Mobile App, together with your Login Id. Click on the link to display the application login page, then perform the following initial actions: 1) From the "Settings" menu:

  • Change Password under "My Account"
  • Change Company Name under "General Options/System Configuration" - if desired.
  • Change Default Loyalty Scheme under "General Options/System Configuration" - if desired.
  • Change Sales and VAT tax rates under "General Options/System Configuration" - if desired.
  • Review and customize the various lists (such as Product Types/Categories) under "Custom Configuration Data" as desired. ApneDukaan can assist with this effort.

  • Configure Products, Images etc to get the app ready. You can also purchase additional Professional Services packs from ApneDukaan to assist with this effort. After completing the above, you are ready to start importing or capturing your Customer Orders, deriving insights, and engaging your customers to drive additional sales.

    Your existing Product list can be bulk loaded into the ApneDukaan system. Simply click on this link to download the Product import file template (in Microsoft Excel format). Populate the file with your existing Product list (ensure you provide values for the required columns highlighted in yellow). Once you have all your existing Products in the file, save it as a CSV file and use the Import button at the top-right corner of the Products page to upload the file.

    Yes, this is possible. All you need to decide is what unique benefits you wish to assign to each membership type, then define the card types and configure their Points and/or Discount rates on the Loyalty page.

    Your existing Customer list can be bulk loaded into the ApneDukaan system. Simply click on this link to download the Customer import file template (in Microsoft Excel format). Populate the file with your existing Customer list (ensure you provide values for the required columns highlighted in yellow). Once you have all your existing Customers in the file, save it as a CSV file and use the Import button at the top-right corner of the Customer page to upload the file.

    The ApneDukaan system provides capabilities for you to setup special promos that involves all or selected products. To determine if a Product is associated with any Promo, simply search for the Product from the Products page then select the "View Promos" button to list all the Promos it's associated with.