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About Us

We have 150+ Years of Strategic & Hands-on Leadership Experience in Digital Services Delivery

Today's digital economy is a key driver for innovation and competitiveness, leveling the playing field for Small to Medium businesses. Our vision is to 'deliver inventive and transformational agility in business using strategies that demonstrates quantifiable incremental benefits and growth'.

@ PineStraw Digital we focus on implementing digital tools and strategies effectively and economically, bringing changes in how business work, communicate, market and sell, separating them from businesses that fail to embrace technology and social transformation in today's workplace.

We assist business thrive in the new digital economy !!

Why chose us

We dream, breath, live and execute Digital Transformation for our partners and customers. We continously strive in seeing opportunity and solutions, delivering real results leveraging thousands of man years of strategic and hands-on experience using the latest in best practices and technology. With over 150+ man years of strategic leadership experience in Telecom, Technology, Distribution and Industry Solutions, our unique approach and business model delivers quick results and turnarounds for our customers.

Our expertise extends from delivering platform and customized software solutions in areas such as Industrial IoT, Secure Value Added Services, IPTV, Cloud Automation, RPA, Data Sciences & E-Marketplaces to practical Consulting and Services in digitally transforming your business, offering your business an unfair advantage versus your competition.

Strategy & Analysis 30%
Advocacy & Evangelism20%
Execution 50%